The Lunar Colony Fund

a place to live, a place to dream

Building a Lunar Colony One Step at a Time

AS15-85-11425 NASA

Raison d'être

People can travel to the Earth's Moon. We've seen it! But, people have yet to derive benefit from its resources. The Lunar Colony Fund will change this. This Fund empowers the future by continually collecting donations from people everywhere around the world and using the accruement for the purchase of material and the transport of people and material up to the Moon's surface.

The Fund's goal is to create and sustain a viable human colony that will begin the development of resources on the Moon. The Fund will be the guardian of the infrastructure until human's travel to live there. At that time ownership and responsibility will transfer to the colonists. Nevertheless, much as a parent continually cares for their off-spring, the Fund will continue to nurture the Colony until it can sustain itself.

We aim to accrue donations of US$500M (valued to 2010 dollars) each year until the colony is self-sufficient. Join us in making the future of human civilization benefit from the resources of space.


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