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AS14-68-9399 NASA


The node will join modules. Some requirements are;

  1. -opening that allows two above average sized people to walk abreast through it
  2. -four openings on the horizontal, each at 90 degress to adjacent
  3. -redundant conduits for; air, water, coolant, ac power, dc power
  4. -level secure footing on floor
  5. -optional skylight
  6. -default sealed
  7. -automatic, emergency, manual opening
  8. -normal operations with interior at office conditions and exterior at full range of lunar conditions
  9. -no dust ingress
  10. -steriliseable
  11. -able to maintain operations with internal conditions in range of T,P,Humidity
  12. -self powered for lighting of x days and y openings
  13. -sensors and display at each door that gives conditions on each side
  14. -guidance for joining node to mate up
  15. -non-proprietary or easily releaseable
  16. -rf interface with relay
  17. -redundant, hardened central control system with I/F to monitoring station on Earth
  18. -BITS
  19. -readily serviced and parts replaced by humans wearing spacesuits and given all internal/external condition combo's
  20. -normal low power consumption
  21. -power saving condition (eg no lights or air quality
  22. -transportable by common carrier
  23. -withstand shook of landing
  24. -able to move laterally, rotate and move vertically
  25. -support interior transit of xyz kg moving up to 5km/hr
  26. -withstand impact of object of xyz kg moving up to 5km/hr
  27. -easily cleaned (of lunar dust)


  1. International Docking Standards
  2. Space Station Program Node 3 to Habitation Module Interface Control Document, Part 1 SSP 50309, agenzia spaziale italiana, 1999 May 18.




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