The Lunar Colony Fund

a place to live, a place to dream

Building a Lunar Colony One Step at a Time


Contributing can be as simple as sharing your imagination with someone. Or, you can provide blue prints for the best power supply module. Certainly joining us and becoming a paid-up member is critical but we realize that many other opportunities exist. Any help will get us that bit closer. Send us an email any time to share your ideas.

Become a Member

To really get involved, simply fill out our membership form and send it to us. That, together with the $10 membership fee, is the most constructive way to get people living on the Moon.

Don't be shy, send us an email. We appreciate any comments about the website, the contents, or our endeavour. We won't share your thoughts or your address with anyone, unless you want us to. Of course we need your email address if you want us to respond to a question. If you want to share web links, kindly forward your URL as well.


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