The Lunar Colony Fund

a place to live, a place to dream

Building a Lunar Colony One Step at a Time

AS16-111-18133 NASA

Project 1: Inception

This project, called Inception, emplaces the basics for people to live upon the Earth's Moon for an indeterminate time. Principally, it provides shelter and a source of supplies. Of course, with people living upon the Moon then we need to replenish their supplies much as the monthly supply missions to the International Space Station.

We deliver the infrastructure for Inception in the amounts limited to the launcher's capability. However, this will be defined and offered by the successful contractor. Our requirement and their contracts will demand capabilities as shown in the following table.

Building Block

Estimated Cost

Relay Station - Backup

$500M (FY 2000)

Relay Station - Primary


Expansion - Node

Expansion - Ingress / Egress Port

Mobile Robotic Aid




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