Dear Fellow Lunar Enthusiasts,

Welcome to our inaugural newsletter. We are happy to report that our web presence has solidified with the completion of the forum. Use this area to discuss ways to raise funds and to advertise your successes. Also, our fictional story of colonists on the Moon keeps extending. Don’t forgot to visit and read how your favourite colonist is faring.

Our near-term goals include both expanding awareness of current technical capability and to build membership. As well all know, China has delivered a robot and base station to the Moon at Mare Imbrium. India has launched a probe to Mars. And, the traditional space faring nations continue a steady launch rate of exploration craft and Earth monitoring satellites. In addition to probes, the ISS and its inhabitants have another four years of funding from the USA. With these, we continually see that humanity’s capability extends. But we know that no nation has a mandate to colonize other bodies floating in space. So it’s up to our membership to make this happen. Let’s get together; forward this bulletin and talk to your friends and colleagues and have them join us.

If you have suggestions for our web site or recommendations for our lunar building blocks send them to me. Also, don’t forget to make a donation whenever you can to keep this effort alive and to show your support for humanity’s space faring future.

Mark Mortimer
Lunar Colony Fund

What can you imagine here;

AS11-41-6157 NASA

Getting the bucks for Buck Rogers.

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