Logbook #7


Le chapitre 7

Valentina awoke in the arms of Desai. The aura of their love making still played along the fringes of her mind. They’d learned to make allowances for the much lower gravity. Their muscles and bones were still tuned to the mass of Earth so every day they had to step lightly with their feet and push lightly with their hands. But, when it came to interacting with each other, they had no limits. Each had perfected their own gymnastics routines to keep themselves and their companion riding a wave of pleasure into a crashing fulfillment on the shores of their contentment. Valentina smiled, warmly raised Desai’s unresponsive arm and set it aside. She shrugged into her pullover and stepped out from the enclosure without waking her complicit pleasure rider.

Valentina’s primary project filled all her spare time. She managed the development and validation of the in-ground safety cavern. Now, the ‘cave’ was a simple sloped hole in the ground that might keep the four of them alive when an X-class flare came crashing down from the Sun. She needed more than a ‘might survive’ so she took on this task almost from the moment she had joined the colonists. The idea was simple. An excavator would hollow out a space. An annealer would bake the walls into a glass like constituency. A bricker would take the removed material and bake it into bricks. The colonists would assemble the bricks in ‘Lego fashion’ to develop a structural entrance way. To Valentina, this safety cave weighed more on her mind than nearly any other task.

With her gift for foresight, Valentina could also see how down the road, the cave would sport a robust airlock that led into an interior, shirt-leave environment. The space could be made quite large, perhaps like the halls of Moiria as contrived by Tolkein. But that was a long way from today. Now, all she had were ideas and some recalcitrant robots. She wanted sophisticated processing plants and power. Lots of power. She dreamed of large robots like the ones used to carve out the Chunnel and fusion reactors to provide more than enough power for each and every colonist. But again, that was a goal to which she was striving. Now, she was thinking as a survivalist. Typically she pondered “what’s here that can do what I need done”. And so she found herself early in this new work period (a typical Earth day) researching the Internet for “optimizing excavators in a low gravity environment”. With more than a million hits from the search engine, she had her work cut out.

She could still smell Desai’s scent upon her skin. Sweet memories. Her fingers casually played across the keyboard. Internet searching was a different experience given the 3 second travel time to accommodate the Earth-Moon distance. Her scripts help speed the process, acting like funnels, optimized from years on the same project. They found surprising sites occasionally with useful data. She kept at this slow, sifting task as time was on her side today.

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