Logbook #16


Le chapitre 16

Desai watched as the market forces responded to his Buy request. He was near a controlling interest in another potash resource extracting firm. He saw this fertilizer as a critical link in the Earth’s food supply and he wanted to control it. With access to many computer server farms, he could remotely monitor all relevant trades and time his demand to the optimum moment. He was going to be a power to be reckoned with.

Interestingly, being incorporated as a corporation on the Moon gave him a certain largesse that wasn’t available to anyone on Earth. Seeing as well that he wrote most of the local tax laws, with the willing cooperation of his fellow colonists, he could establish a few extra points of profit that the Earthlings couldn’t. When dealing on the order of millions of dollars, the point differential made a difference. Using this advantage, Desai had slowly but assuredly acquired interest in Earth-based food production. He wryly thought that he on the Moon was as dependent upon Earth based production as were the Earthlings. Nevertheless, by controlling and manipulating the mined potash supply, a non-renewable resource, he could use the Earthlings unmitigated hunger as a tool to ensure the colonists food supply for the future and make a tidy profit at the same time.

Through the nearby mirror, he watched Valentina make a few steps across the Hab’s floor. He smiled. He knew she was still very fit as he had witnessed during their love making last night. As always, she had extended her passion for improvement into their bedtime pleasures. With almost forbidden fondness he remembered how she had toyed with him for what seemed like an eternity before finally they came together. He still couldn’t quite believe how well all four of them were able to live and indeed cohabit together for their mutual benefit. Valentina looked up at him when she took her next step and she smiled. He felt her self-confidence surge across the space between them and he knew that her accident wasn’t going to have any long term repercussions.

An alarm quietly rang out from his monitor. He turned and saw that his Buy demand was actioned and he was one step closer to masterminding the world’s food production. The power he felt sent a slight shiver through him. Over the next few weeks, he would start manipulating the supply to determine the effects. While he wouldn’t allow anyone to go hungry, he might see some of them get very unhappy with the price increase of their edible luxuries.

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