Dear Fellow Lunar Enthusiasts,

Fall in the northern hemisphere seems to find many of us looking for one last opportunity to enjoy the summer or at least the pleasures of remembering a relaxed summer vacation. Just about every possible human ailment has got a group doing walks, runs and swims to raise money. Being healthy is certainly vital to our every day lives. But, what will we do when we have most of our ailments under control. Do we simply sit in front of an electronic entertainment device? Or can you envision humans exploring the infinite realm of space. Without an end to space, we would always have excitement awaiting around the next solar system. Let’s start by living on the Moon and seeing what that’s like. Then, we’d be ready for the next adventure. Then the next. And the one following.

It’s exciting to see that private enterprise can quickly develop and market space faring capability. Both the United States and China have entrepreneurs advancing technological capability. But, they are still lacking a revenue stream. While they may have a great product, who are their customers? We see governments as being the only ones. And as we all know, governments are fickle. Our Lunar Colony Fund is resolving this. By collecting donations across the globe, we will provide a steady revenue stream to which private entrepreneurs can contract. There are enough like-minded people with enough disposable income to make this happen. Let’s do it.

Keep sending in your ideas for fund raising and your stories of fund raising success. Let’s show the world that we can indeed dream of a better existence.

Mark Mortimer
Lunar Colony Fund

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