Logbook #20


Le chapitre 20

Desai’s feelings of megalomania started to toy with his imagination again. As much as he lived on a separate planet, as they affectionately considered the Moon, they still had a strong reliance upon Earth for basic life support needs. Yet here he was developing ways and means to control the Earth population via their food supply. With his detached frame of reference circling high above the Earth’s surface, he sometimes couldn’t help but feel like a lord over all the little creatures so far below.

With assured hand strokes, he manipulated the computer’s keyboard and prepared his first test of control. Another drought was forming in the Midwest of North America. Exacerbating this loss of future food supply was an unforeseen drawdown in the world’s stores of grains, partly his doing. Now, he set in motion events that would cumulate in employee strife at the majority of the large fertilizer production plants. Such was the dreams of his desire, a perfect tempest of the hungry who would demand supply which couldn’t be met. He perused the financial markets for other opportunities. His successes in Zimbabwe had him looking south into the veldt of South Africa as potential for some genetically modified corn one of his laboratories had designed. Sure corn wasn’t native to the African continent but that didn’t mean he couldn’t terraform the planet to his heart’s desire. After all, if he was to survive on the Moon, he needed the assurance that the Earth could support both itself and the Moon colony. “If this came at the expense of some divergence in the evolutionary trail then so be it.” he thought.

He caught an image of Valentina in the reflection off the computer monitor. They were alone in the Hab and Valentina had prepared an exceptional encounter for him. Using some extra material and benefiting from the lower gravity, they were going to sample a few techniques in pleasure that just couldn’t be duplicated on Earth. He closed down his encrypted data stream to the Earth net, smiled and happily turned to go into Valentina’s awaiting arms

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