Logbook #21


Le chapitre 21

Jean was rooting around the backyard again. For him, the back yard was the area between the Hab and a slight rise of ground that began a few hundred metres beyond the Hab’s living quarters. Back at home in the USA, his house’s backyard had led into a natural ravine that kept a lot of local animals and plants safely removed from the city’s human inhabitants. Sure the local kids would sometimes hang out there but they never gave him any cause for concern. While his yearning for unhindered exploration had been met by the occasional wandering in the ravine, now, he had a whole planet in his sights.

Yet, while he enjoyed his wanderings, he did have a purpose. He was undertaking a fine-grid geological survey of the top lunar dust layer. By getting hand measured ground truth data they could associate satellite sensor measurements with greater accuracy. This data was the beginning of the assessment of the worth of mining on the Moon. They believed that as Earth had worthwhile mineral deposits at many meteorite strikes then the Moon should should have accessible material at its strikes.¬† The resulting ore could be sold for either contributing to other space efforts or for contributing to Earth endeavours. Oddly, while he enjoyed exploring, he had a natural tendency to revere¬† ‘Mother Earth’ and he wanted to provide to those moribund upon its surface. He knew that he’d do anything to keep himself and his fellow colonists alive. Though he wouldn’t do so at the expense of those on Earth. Rather than worry though he simply wandered about taking measurements which satisfied him just fine.

Inside the Hab, Valentina recorded the data measured by Jean together with his verbal description. This ground truth would serve them well in the future. But it would also be a source of income to the colonists as they could sell it to researchers on Earth. Jean kept up his jovial humming and singing. To Valentina they both seemed to include many references to food. “Must be getting close to lunch time” she thought.

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