Logbook #26


Le chapitre 26

Xu sent her aura out to encompass the lander. While the space vehicle had touched down within the planned landing ellipse, it was further from the Hab than desired. As well, it seemed to be resting at an odd angle. Through her feelings, she couldn’t sense any emotions of alarm coming from within. As well, the CapCom and lander communications remained nominal; indicative of a mission proceeding as planned. This satisfied her that the visitors’ arrival was OK even though she and the other residents had felt a marked increase in nervous strain over the past few days.

Having six new people on the Moon caused Xu a certain amount of apprehension. While the visitors’ lander had enough provisions for the occupants and even some supplies for the colonists, she was worried that their scarce resources might get overdrawn. To avoid this, the visitors would remain based on their lander, visit them occasionally in the Hab and simply take advantage of the local ground-truth information to travel about the vicinity. Sure, the visitors were paying their fund, the Lunar Colony Fund, a handsome fee for this opportunity. But she had to be sure that the colonists’ future was not harmed in any way. Behind her she felt Desai’s nearby presence as he whirled away on his network link to his Earth empire. Just beside, Valentina had activated a direct audio link with one of the visitors and was emphatically stressing some point in a language that sounded like Russian. Jean, perhaps the most nervous of them, had chosen this time to take a quick cat-nap; his own way of coping with such a dramatic change to their living conditions. She filled the role of the colony’s foreign secretary as it were. She kept busy by being the link between the lander, the colony and the Earth. As well, she was the final authority on what the visitors could do. She took on this role with great care; juggling the desires of the paying guests with the needs of their fledgling colony. In only a few hours, they would receive their first guest, a paying tourist.

Xu placed her full attention back to the communications channel. CapCom was confirming a solid touchdown and ensuring all equipment responded to commands. Soon, Woof would retrieve the supply containers from the lower reaches of the lander. Next, the mission specialist would begin their assaying. Only after would the tourist exit the lander and journey over to their Hab to greet the colonists.

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