Logbook #27


Le chapitre 27

Thanking good foresight, Valentina was using the encrypted communications channel to talk with Max (short for Maximillian) who was inside the lander that was descending to the Moon’s surface. Amongst some other personal effects Max carried a data drive that held plans for an energy production plant that used tritium fusion as its source. She preferred to get this information privately and this was her first attempt at surreptitious deliveries.

Valentina was again thinking long term. A tritium based power plant on the Earth had too many challenges. But here on the Moon, in the vast emptiness of space, many of those challenges simply disappeared. If tritium could be shown to be a viable energy source then using the abundant tritium on the Moon the colonists’ lives would be almost luxurious from the power supply. More telling though was the possibility of using tritium as a fuel for intra-solar travel. First though she had to prove it. While she didn’t want to monopolize the technology, equally she knew that some on Earth did. Therefore she skirted around normal channels and was assembling essential data and components. She somehow knew that part of the reason for her selection on this team was due to her independence and initiative so she felt almost obliged to use these traits to the best of her abilities.

Also, Max was a dear friend or at least he became a dear friend after they mutually attended a few too many conferences. Her second challenge then was to figure out how to get some alone-time with him and without Xu over watching. Yes, her fellow colonists had become dear friends as well. But Max had a spirit about him that set Valentina’s heart and body quivering for more close encounters.

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