Dear Fellow Lunar Enthusiasts,

We’re getting into tax time here. Think about this normal act in our lives. From a grand perspective, we contribute to a singular entity so that as a group we can accomplish so much more than an individual. At one time taxation raised funds for continent spanning railroads or intra-national motorways. And as we all know, we funded exploration in space through tax dollars. So while we may not like to pay taxes, don’t forget to remember what the taxes provide. As well, if you want more space activity then maybe communicate this desire to your government representative in the hope that they will allocate more tax dollars!

Now what’s been happening Moon side? First, think of taking pictures of the backside of something. Normally this phrase has negative connotations. But this time, NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter has brought us a fabulous image of the back side of the Moon that we just don’t get to see from planet Earth. Do you think these will be helpful in site selection for our lunar colony?

And speaking of taxes, we’ve just completed our audit and submitted our forms to our national revenue agency. While we don’t expect this to be the impetus for a great increase in national spending on lunar activity, it does demonstrate that we at the Lunar Colony Fund are committed to being fiscally responsible. We will take your donations and membership fees and use them to the utmost utility. And we will continually provide proof as need.

Mark Mortimer

Lunar Colony Fund

What can you imagine here?


Getting the Bucks for Buck Rogers!

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