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Measuring dependencies isn’t easy. Some might say that Greece depends upon the European Union. That dependency may soon see hundreds of billions of dollars simply disappear. Yet both parties should be the better off as each benefits by the association with the other. Now imagine the countries of the world supporting a colony upon the Moon. Sure it’s risky and the dependencies would place upon each a significant responsibility . Yet there are institutes on Earth that can overseer a long term, multi-hundreds of billions of dollars investment and make this dependency advantageous. Can you see how?
It’s been another exciting month for announcements regarding the Moon. First, the new head of ESA wants people to tell him if they want to set up a settlement on the Moon. Next, NASA wants robots on the Moon to set up a colony. Do these announcements seem like wayward institutes just testing the waters? No, like us they know that advancements on the Moon need a source of funds and they’re hoping to get the funds from their political masters. However, we at the Lunar Colony Fund aren’t restricted by today’s political dogma and we know what the water’s like. Yes, we can fund a lunar colony! So keep on supporting us and let’s get this lunar colony happening sooner.
With enjoying a bit of relaxing in the summer Sun here in the northern hemisphere, we’re looking around for other opportunities to increase our membership. If you have any new ideas send them in!

Mark Mortimer

Lunar Colony Fund

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Chang-e3 NAOC
Chang’e3 NAOC

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