Dear Fellow Lunar Enthusiasts,

In a somewhat odd but accepted trend, we are barely half through summer and we’re being told to start focusing upon the fall. “It’s a brand new year, be ready!”, we’re told. Well, let’s take up that mantra. Let’s start a new year with every current member looking to find 10 new members. We’re sure you know at least that many people who want a future for civilization that’s beyond the restrictions of Earth’s surface. Let’s make this a season of advancement to this goal.

Hopefully you’re also taking the chance to look up and watch the remains of comet Swift-Tuttle as its remnants pierce the veil of Earth’s atmosphere. Perhaps you will also reflect that Earth’s atmosphere is a very impressive shield that keeps all but the largest space rocks from hitting Earth’s surface. Now take your technical thinking and imagine similar remnants as they approach the Moon. The Moon has no atmosphere so any space object will still have all its kinetic energy just before it strikes the Moon’s surface. Last, think of how to build a structure on the surface to safeguard humans within. That’s what our colony will need.

Thanks to all those who’ve recently contacted us. Your ideas and suggestions are being looked at closely. Please keep them coming in. For our members, don’t forget to keep looking for more members who want to have a civilization that’s gone beyond the Earth’s surface.

Mark Mortimer

Lunar Colony Fund

What can you imagine here?


Getting the Bucks for Buck Rogers!

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