Dear Fellow Lunar Enthusiasts,

According to Herodotus, those people with advanced technology could fairly easily make or acquire a boat and some material and then go off to found a new settlement. The travelers may have had problems if people already lived at their destination as was often the case. However, by staying in or near the Mediterranean Sea they had reasonable expectations for fair weather, good hunting and fishing and the potential of farming. If only we were to have it so simple on the Moon. We will need all our advanced technology to be totally self-sufficient as the Moon has nothing readily at hand for anyone wanting to live there. But we do have knowledge and experience; we only lack the focus to get there.

The Chinese seem to have won the latest round of plans for the Moon. They are apparently actively designing a sample / return mission for the far side. ESA welcomes the idea of a lunar village but then don’t we all. Sadly, the United States seems to be gearing up for another election so this may overshadow anything else. Nevertheless, their Commercial Space Launch Act may help clear some murky waters. We wonder as well on what the the ongoing focus upon microsatellites and earth observation means in relation to larger projects. Hopefully, humankind isn’t becoming too anthropocentric in its views.

We at the Lunar Colony Fund have just completed our second year of operation and we’re very happy with our progress. Word is spreading on our aim and our method. We look forward to more and more Lunar Colony Fund ambassadors reaching out to the public to advice them that yes indeed, there are other ways to access space than through a government space agency. You know it. Share this with someone else and our support base will keep growing

Mark Mortimer

Lunar Colony Fund

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