Dear Fellow Lunar Enthusiasts,

For the most part I’m not very interested in the regular fare available on public television. However, a recent title caught my eye; ‘Mother Funders’. My perception from it is that fund raising is so common and mainstream that it is now the subject of a reality show. Yes, the people involved are fitting the standard mold of parents who, through an established organization, raise charitable funds for a worthwhile cause, an elementary school. And I say to myself, if fund raising is so common an activity as to precipitate a reality show than our efforts to raise funds for a lunar colony must meet with success. I am heartened.

There is still something magical about the Apollo Moon mission era which also affects me. With a singular purpose in mind, people created a machine to deliver almost 5,000kg to the lunar surface. While I am envious of those times, I am also appreciative that we still have any substantive launch vehicles. With all the attention paid to micro and nano satellites, I wonder if we will ever establish a routine heavy lift capability of the same stature as the Saturn V. The obvious solution is to ensure there remains a demand for such a capability. But as we saw with the Concorde airplane, demand may not be enough to keep technology in use. So, let’s continue with our efforts to define a long term demand and with it, we will keep our heavy lift capability.

Here’s a reminder to all members who haven’t renewed for this year that we are in the grace period. Please renew your annual membership to continue your support for our lunar colony. It is only with your generous donations and in-kind support that we are able to strengthen our vision for a future off of Earth.

Mark Mortimer

Lunar Colony Fund

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Luna 09 Daily Express
Luna 09 Daily Express

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