Dear Fellow Lunar Enthusiasts,

You’re president for the day. Really! And it’s budget day. What would you allocate to space? to a lunar habitation? Does it match what happened? From the USA, there’s good space financial news and bad space financial news. Probably we should feel provident that any nation cares about a future in space. Do you ever wonder if a leader, whether you or another, should put their effort into enabling the individual to maximize or to empower the group to endure?

How many Tier 1 organizations could manage a lunar infrastructure build-out? They would need to be operational for many years; likely decades. They would need to survive changes in customer expectation as well as integrate technological advances. They would need astounding quality control and astute succession planning. And, they would need to be transparent to the auditor. Could government run organizations fulfill this duty? Or are they driven by the desires of constituents? Do any privately run organizations exist that could meet this? Or are they driven by desires to maximize profit? Assume that you the president did outline a budget for a lunar infrastructure build-out; are any humans virtuous enough to see it to its end?

The grey dust settled on top the lander struts-
Ink settled upon the page, another signatory confronts-
Ere long, vibrations set the lander askew and the paper flew-
Rockets did not the astronaut construe-
One time only the opportunity wants.

Mark Mortimer

Lunar Colony Fund

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Getting the Bucks for Buck Rogers!

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