Logbook #47


Le chapitre 47

“So, after a great deal of contemplation and retrospection I’ve decided to return to Earth to accelerate the expansion of the colony’s support network there” said Valentina in her best I’m-the-boss voice that she could manage.

The other three remained seated about the table and showed at best some little signs of contrived surprise. She knew that their group’s spiritual ease had diminished and that their individual traits were surfacing stronger and on more frequent occasions. She also knew that the group’s cohesiveness was critical to their survival. Much as how a sports team’s strength of unity would define its chances of success. While she did not consider herself as the source of this disunity, she did accept that their foursome was no longer optimal. She had tried to bring them closer together through acts of kindness, physical bonding and tutelage. But to no avail. She knew that it was time to shake things up. If for no other reason than to increase the group’s chances of survival as they needed everything in their favour.

She continued, “So if there are no objections, I will be making a formal request to the transport office to exchange with another colonist waiting in the queue”.

She finished and sat down. All four sat at the table looking at one another.

Xu stood. Again Jean noted how much her small stature so completely counterpoised her inner strength. For him, she was always the sole of the team. She began, “Valentina, first I accept your decision. While we are a team and the first colonists on the Moon, we are also individuals with our own needs and desires. And we will always respect and honour any individual’s decision that serves to support and strengthen our future. Your ability is greatly treasured here on the Moon and we would cherish your continued congenial presence. Your astute contributions to our design. And you warm comradery throughout. I am shaken by your choice. But I remain solidly committed to building a community here. We are the future of humankind. And we will carry your spirit with us no matter what future you have chosen for yourself “.

Xu knew more and better words were needed but inside of her was a turmoil of unresolvable questions. Each incessantly clamoring for her attention. She wanted to continue, for much longer, eulogizing the benefits and strengths of Valentina from the day they first met many years before. But somehow the words were not coming to her. As if a kaleidoscope was distorting all her memories and making her question them as to being truths or hearsays. “I move we close this council and reconvene this evening”. 

The other three quickly agreed. They ended the meeting and quickly went to envelope Valentina with every bit of warmth and compassion that years of companionship deserved.

Later that night, and it was indeed night as the Sun was hidden behind a nearby peak, Valentine went back to the Hab’s window and gazed out. Her spirit become one with the desolation before her. This may be her last time of connecting with the emptiness and vastness of the universe. She tried feeling the speeds she knew were occurring. The Milky Way galaxy as it fled from other galaxies created during the primordial soup of the big bang. The spin as their solar system got swept along on one of the massive arms of the Milky Way. And the empathetic togetherness of nearby stars brewed during the Milky Way’s creation many billions of years before. Yet all was for naught. Her body, fine tuned for survival upon the Earth’s surface, had no capability to draw upon the immense times and distances that bespoke the realm in front of her.

She accepted that for this life she would be bound by the deigns of her mortal being. But from her existence she would enable a springboard to come forth. For future generations to use. They could throw themselves into the desolation and bring back wisdom and knowledge to humanity.

As the clock’s alarm indicated that another Earth day had begun, Valentina’s three companions arose to begin to orderly assess their morning checklist. They found Valentina, seated and wide awake contemplating the vastness of the view. They let her be as they knew that their timeline had bisected. She to her future back on Earth. Theirs to continue the struggle for survival on the Moon.

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