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So where are investment dollars going these days? Take a look at a lender. The Islamic Development Bank is starting an infrastructure fund with a targeted size of $2B. Seems like a great opportunity for lunar infrastructure development doesn’t it? Or an opportunity for development anywhere in space. But, dig deeper and you will see that the bank expects an annualized internal rate of return of 18%. I’m not seeing how infrastructure development in space will provide this level of return any time soon. Again, this shows that we must look away from investment dollars when it comes to space infrastructure. Join us instead and use altruism as the key for the next step in civilization’s future.

Advances for lunar development seem few this last month. The same might be said for advances in many space ventures. While some developers may want to flood Earth’s orbit with nano and pico satellites, wouldn’t it be better to leave some orbital regions clear so that not all is geocentric? After all, Galileo already showed us that the Earth is not the centre of the universe. Why don’t we act like this is true? Instead of empowering the individual to launch an object, let’s focus on moving all of society forward by launching substantial capabilities with substantial pay back. These would make for substantial development.

At least we can say that the Lunar Colony Fund maintains its focus on a future for civilization that includes people living off of Earth. Self-sufficiently! Let’s make it happen. After all, we don’t want to be just another footnote of extinction in the annals of Earth’s history.

Mark Mortimer

Lunar Colony Fund

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