Dear Fellow Lunar Enthusiasts,

The Internet of Things promises to make our lives even simpler and easier. Hasn’t this been true with all of humanity’s technological advances? The global nature of the business world broadcasts this whenever a disaster strikes as shortly then after there are one or more ways and means to donate to relief funds. Of course these ways and means are just as convenient for accumulating funds for a lunar colony. From micropayment accounts to bitcoin moneys, we can accumulate the funds necessary to pay for contracts for emplacing lunar structures. After all, that’s our objective, to concentrate on getting funding so that the experts can easily focus on building the needed infrastructure.

Very recent technological progress bodes well for us. SpaceX continues to accrue experience in rocket launch and retrieval. And now India has launched a reusable space shuttle. Assuming that reusability means lower cost then by all means let’s keep building upon these innovations. Nevertheless even with a significantly reduced launch cost there will still be a need for appreciable funding to enable humans to live upon the Moon in a self-sufficient state. Yet, we aim for this ‘not because it is easy but because it is hard’. Only by continuing to push our species will we enable a fertile future.

Because we believe so strongly in the future of humanity, we at the Lunar Colony Fund continue to put all efforts into progressing our fund gathering. We are continuing to reach out to individuals and organizations. Join us; ask your friends and your colleagues the same question “Do you want a future that includes humans living in space for the benefit of all humankind?” Almost everyone will reply emphatically, “Yes!”. And you can introduce them to our organization and our vision for a simpler, easier and better future.

Mark Mortimer

Lunar Colony Fund

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