Dear Fellow Lunar Enthusiasts,

Each day we see the benefits of cooperation and trade. More dramatically, from Brexit we see the effect of withdrawing and looking inward. Certainly if we don’t want to achieve any more wonders or progress as a species then we should only look inward for what’s best for ourselves. Yet, don’t you think that our children, our descendants, deserve a bit more? We say, “Let’s work together and make a better future”. We say “Let’s cooperate and solve this challenge of living in space on the Moon!”

It’s certainly a positive sign to continually see SpaceX launch and then land rockets for reuse. We’re looking forward to learning by how much their reusable rocket system will decrease the cost of lofting material into orbit. As well, we’re keeping an eye on China and its new spaceport with a commensurate expectation of landing on the far-side of the Moon for a sample return. That’s great progress.

We at the Lunar Colony Fund are now moving into our summer campaign mode. We aim to reach out to as many vacationing people as possible. We’re hoping that with a little more time on their hands then they can learn of our efforts, appreciate our value and support us. Help us convince them to join and reap the benefits!

Mark Mortimer

Lunar Colony Fund

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