Dear Fellow Lunar Enthusiasts,

We all demand perfection from our leaders. Not only should they have led perfect past lives but they must also be able to make perfect decisions to lead into the future. Consider today the country with the largest expenditure on space research and development, the United States and how it is on the road to selecting a new leader. Have the candidates made any real reference to space? Have they declared a direction for the 0.5% of the budget allocated to space? If they aren’t doing it then where is the leadership that will extend humanity into space?

And it’s a good thing that we remember that we are going into space because it is hard (JFK). ESA certainly knows this after experiencing another ‘lesson-learned’ on trying to land the Schiaparelli probe onto Mars. How would the result have been made better if humans were passengers? That’s why we and many others continue to advocate the next step for humans is to be an infrastructure build-out on the Moon. An effective leader would see this as a step with an acceptable risk and they would do it so as to constructively continue humanity’s expansion into space.

We at the Lunar Colony Fund realize both the need for effective leadership and the need for acceptable risk. This is part of why we continue to advocate for and to develop the lunar base as the next step for humanity. Our members know this is the only way. Join us and share your passion for a future that sees humanity continue to learn and to develop.

Mark Mortimer

Lunar Colony Fund

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