Dear Fellow Lunar Enthusiasts,

The greatest result from the International Space Station isn’t technological. Rather it is social. It’s demonstrated that different cultures can coordinate demanding activities and achieve something that no one culture, no one country could achieve. Some have put its cost as high as $150B USD. Yet all along we knew that it would eventually fall back into Earth, burning up upon re-entry. That’s an expensive science project. What comes next? Using a similar dollar amount we could emplace infrastructure on the Moon. And it would never come crashing down. It could remain functional for hundreds of years. Now that would be a great result!

Do you like a good science fiction film as much as I? Maybe with people interacting with aliens? And coming out on top too. Yet for this to occur then humans or the alien needs to travel in space. A long way! We don’t know how to do this and aside from an idea on using solar sails to push nanoprobes to Alpha Centauri we aren’t even considering traveling further than the inner solar system. And that consideration is just for a visit. There’s very little being proposed for living off of Earth. Yet our Moon is close, achievable and worthwhile. We don’t need the imagination of a film as we’ve already walked there. Let’s work together and make a colony of people on the Moon a reality.

We at the Lunar Colony Fund are enjoying meeting more enthusiasts and connecting with like-minded organizations. As with the ISS, it’s the social opportunities that will make our endeavour a success. Extend your reach; contact those who might share an interest. Maybe there’s a mutual draw to science fiction films. Convince these contacts that humans can have a future that’s beyond the surface of Earth. And then show them how much progress our organization has already made.

Mark Mortimer

Lunar Colony Fund

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