Logbook #57


Le chapitre 57

Frustration drove Desai to pound ever harder upon the keyboard. His inability to direct and control his staff on Earth was causing no end of unexpected actions. Even though he was a simple phone call away they somehow thought that being on another world made him too remote to bother. “Or to bother with” he drily wondered to himself. His full on slam of the ‘Enter’ key brought Xu’s head up and around.

“Something got you riled up?” she asked. “I thought that last keystroke would send the desk straight through the floor of our fragile little Hab” she continued.

“Sorry, you’re right, I’m pressing too hard.” Desai replied. “It’s just that I can never get people on Earth to do what I want. They are either running around like chickens without heads or they seem to just fade away into the background of humanity. I need someone that I can count on to do what needs doing.” he finished.

Xu smile and softly laughed. “Yeah” she answered, “we all need someone who can read our minds and make our wishes come true.”

Her beaming smile broke Desai’s tension and he joined with her in a hearty laugh at his expense.

“Perhaps you can work Valentina into your plans. She certainly has a way to get results. And when she does you know that it is for the betterment of our world on the Moon” she offered.

Desai briefly paused before responding. He knew that Valentina was a natural fit for the person who would solve most of his problems. However he remained a bit worried that she might figure out that he had been pulling many of the strings that had resulted in her returning to Earth. He certainly didn’t want a vengeful person controlling his operations on the planet. Headless chickens seemed a lot better to him.

“That is a great idea” started Desai. “I’ll get her to see if she can coordinate some of my projects on food production. Their success would mean our success here on the Moon if they found genetic modifications that were mutually beneficial” he replied softly while turning and starting to type some more on the keyboard.

Xu sighed and wandered off as she realized that Desai’s attention was once more fully locked onto the screen and his denizens on planet Earth. Her presence meant little more to him than a shadow that played across the interior wall.

With Xu’s idea, Desai’s mind began flying on all cylinders. He had put Valentina onto the board of the Lunar Colony Fund for the specific purpose of having her manipulate the other board members. It was time for her to start manipulating, to start being the puppet master that he knew she could be. He needed her to manoeuvre fertilizer supplies and food transportation so that certain Earth regions experienced greater famine while others had bounties beyond their wildest dreams. And he knew she would never agree to it. So he had to find a way that was so obscure that she would never suspect. He knew just what to do and it started with a suggestion dropped into the ear of Maximillian, her boyfriend. He felt supercharged and his fingers flew over the keyboard.

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