Dear Fellow Lunar Enthusiasts,

The USA is the greatest supporter and enabler of space travel. With the country moving quickly towards a new administration, one wonders what’s in store. With Elon Musk joining President-elect Donald Trump’s advisory council will this mean good news for electric cars, good news for rockets or all-around good news for big business. Time will tell.

Rocket launches are expensive. Nevertheless this December we expect at least 14 significant launches according to Wikipedia. On the down side to this, space debris accumulates, increasing the risk to any vessel trying to exit low earth orbit. So while people can fund launches, especially for Earth servicing satellites, we might be making the access to other worlds more and more difficult. We need to focus less on Earth and use our rockets to expand our living space. Is this an appropriate enough reason to justify the launch costs?

Here at the Lunar Colony Fund, comfortably placed in the northern hemisphere, we’re digging in for another winter of cool temperatures and occasional snow flurries. While we enjoy the view and take pleasure in the winter activities we also think of all the benefits that come with living on a world with a protective atmosphere, a self-sufficient ecosystem and a wealth of resources to benefit our lifestyle. Take time this winter to enjoy our precious and precocious existence and join us in planning for launches that will take us off-world where life can only survive in the most protective and specialized environments.

Mark Mortimer

Lunar Colony Fund

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