Dear Fellow Lunar Enthusiasts,

How much do you value time? Would you spend a fortune to save 30 minutes? The Gotthard Base Tunnel does just this starting last year, 2016. It’s Swiss. The citizens chose to make the tunnel over 20 years ago. It cost over $12B. They are paying for it through a variety of surcharges and taxes. If residents of Earth were to vote for adding lunar infrastructure then what mechanism would pay for it?

Europe decided to create its own satellite-based navigation system; their Galileo satnav. Recently there’s news that its rubidium and hydrogen maser clocks are failing. If there’s a systemic problem then the whole satnav system may fail prematurely. It would be a great loss for Europe. Now imagine what sort of reliability is needed for a human occupied facility created on the Moon.
Welcome space enthusiasts to a brand new year. It’s nice to sit back and comfortably rely upon near certain Internet connectivity. And when stepping outside we can use the GPS constellation to keep our steps aligned. Technology has provided immeasurable benefits to our everyday lives. Keep telling your friends, families and co-workers of this. Then remind them that the Earth is only a very small part of the universe and there’s so much more from which to benefit and to which we can use our saved time. And then have them join us at the Lunar Colony Fund!

Mark Mortimer

Lunar Colony Fund

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