Dear Fellow Lunar Enthusiasts,

So you need a few hundred billion to make your dreams come true. What are you to do? Saving up the money may require more time than the solar system has remaining. Getting donations could work. But ask around and find out how many people are willing to give. You may be surprised. Well, it’s an infrastructure project after all. As with a library, a roadway or an airport, we’ll just have to borrow the money and then charge user fees so as to pay it back. Now, are the bankers ready for this?

If you listen carefully to some of the undercurrents you’ll hear it. Advocates are for people on the Moon. Using the Space Launch System to get them there. While the SLS hasn’t flown and the whispers mention something in the next decade it is an idea looking for support. Are you willing to join us in strengthening that undercurrent; the goal of having people living comfortably off of Earth?

We at the Lunar Colony Fund have no end of optimism. And a very strong vision of the best we can make of the future. Interested in having a great future as well? Then join us. Together we can strengthen the flow of many a space current.

Mark Mortimer

Lunar Colony Fund

What can you imagine here?


Getting the Bucks for Buck Rogers!

Logbook #59


Le chapitre 59

“While a parent naturally nurtures and encourages their child, the people on Earth seem to have no such predilection for the colony on the Moon” sighed Valentina.

She let her fingers play through the fringes of Max’s hair and watched his eyelashes wander back and forth as he slowly woke. She had woken long before but had refrained from disturbing Max’s slumber. Instead electing to lie in the crook of his arm and enjoy the moment in all its quiet.

“What’s this about being a parent” Max half joked. “Are you keeping something secret from me?”

His contrived concern brought a smile to Valentina’s face and a quick, though artificially light hearted denial.

“No. I’m not thinking about our family. You know we’re not going there any time soon. I’m remembering the Board’s comments and decisions from yesterday. Especially their in camera deliberations.” she paused. “Or more; I’m wondering why it seems that people living on the Moon generate such little interest. If people cared even a smite more then I’m sure we’d have no problem raising funds. But everything we’re trying to do or to gain comes at such a cost. We’re still fighting and scratching for our very survival. Our supply vessels get funded on a wing and a prayer. And one full vessel brings barely enough to maintain us for a month. So where lies the concern of everyone here on Earth? No one pays attention to our Lunar Colony. Instead people spend thousands for their pet to undergo cancer treatment while we continue to struggle and fight for humanity’s future in space. Where are their priorities?” she groaned in a very exasperated way.

“I’m hoping that you’re not looking at me for an answer.” replied Max. “I have enough problems keeping my own VPs in line. Trying to chaperone the whole Earth’s population is something I’m quite happy to leave to you and your expertise” he encouraged though still barely awake.

While miffed at the general unfairness of it all Valentina was not wholly upset. She did like the progress on the Moon to date. Five people living in near harmony on the Moon’s surface. Two enclosed work environments that enabled the five to be productive throughout the days. And the vast potential for expansion. Something the Earth was lacking more and more. These successes demonstrated a vibrant life force. Nevertheless it would take only one incident; a severe personal accident, a solar flare, a meteor strike. Just one of these or any other of a countless number of smaller risks and the colonists would be zooming back to Earth. Back to the natural safety on Earth’s surface. Assuming that the colonists heeded the call. Valentina did wonder if some or all of the colonists may choose to ignore the order to return and simply end out their lives on the Moon.

“That scenario was best left for contemplating on another day” she half conjectured aloud.

She levered herself up out of the bed and headed to the adjoining office. She did have presentations to make to the many volunteers who sought donations on a one-to-one effort. However today she was totally preoccupied with meetings with the European Union. The EU had booked their lunar facilities for living, exploring and light regolith assaying. The two EU astronauts were going to spend about 7 Earth-days on the Moon’s surface. For that pleasure, the Lunar Colony Fund was charging the EU close to $200million euros. This sale of services and hotel accommodations was part of the original plan for the Lunar Colony. The groundwork had been laid at the start. Nations on Earth had contributed to fund the original structure and facilities. Once things were running somewhat smoothly they would undertake specialised research and exploration. All they asked for in return was the full support from the colonists.

This was the first expedition to the colony and Valentina wanted to be sure that everyone’s expectations were met. The colonists were to aid. But they weren’t to be servants. The visitors could expect some help, especially with using the equipment and navigating the surface. But they needed to be fairly self-sufficient. No one was tucking them in at night. And she wanted to contact the colonists and the astronauts directly so they were fully aware.

She heard Max get up and make his way to the shower. That was one thing she relished upon her return to Earth; ready access to large quantities of water at any time. She briefly drifted back to her time on the Moon. The uniqueness of the desolate land. The closeness of her colleagues. She wondered if she would ever go back. Or if maybe her own family would arise and demand her time and presence.