Dear Fellow Lunar Enthusiasts,

Our organization spent a great deal of effort at the start deciding whether to be a charity or not-for profit entity. We had already discounted a for-profit entity. Contact us and we’ll tell you why! As for the other two, well a charity has obvious tax benefits and is a great lever for donations. But charities have very strict and very worthwhile requirements about aiding the impoverished. We realize that it’s not the impoverished who will be going to the Moon. No, it will be the wealthy. But they will build infrastructure there for future generations. The lunar infrastructure gives every person hope in the future. So we choose to be a not-for-profit organization that would extend a giant step for humankind into a future for all.

It’s nice to know that we shouldn’t be losing things on the Moon. Why? Well researchers using a radio telescope observed the dormant Chandrayaan-1 satellite orbiting the Moon. How’s that for clarity? What may they find next? Maybe it’s green as the Lab2Moon team plan to send their experiment to determine if photosynthesis can take place on the Moon. And if they find that it works and that plants can capture the Sun’s energy then we may find that living on the Moon is quite possible. And with it we may find many more things become possible in our future.

We at the Lunar Colony Fund are happily watching the effects of the Earth’s tilt as the northern hemisphere nears the Sun and the snow melts. This gives us more chances to get outside and meet people to casually discuss or vehemently propose a lunar colony. Ask one of us to come to your meetings, we’d love to give a presentation on the future of humankind.

Mark Mortimer

Lunar Colony Fund

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