Dear Fellow Lunar Enthusiasts,

We at the Lunar Colony Fund believe in a capable off-planet future. We know it will require a large amount of resources. But as we plan to spread the requirement over a long time then there won’t be a noticeable effect. We are also looking at the super wealthy; those 1% of Earth dwellers who have 50% of the world’s wealth. That 1%, about 70 million people, hold the key to unlocking the resources needed to make this infrastructure build-out occur. Join us in convincing them to provide the resources so that our future includes people living off of Earth.

While the SLS first launch was pushed out perhaps by up to two years, there’s still hope in the Google Lunar X prize as it must be awarded this year. From one PSLV opportunity a bountiful of robots may go chewing up the Lunar regolith. Curiously though what are the major space powers planning? Cassini has flown its course and the James Webb telescope is readying for launch. Is there a next great exploration challenge? Oddly, the latest surge seems to use space to look back at Earth. Seems that the commercialism of space keeps the focus on people today rather than the generations to come.

The Lunar Colony Fund has a vision for generations to come. Our vision wants people at the forefront not just robots. Do you want to help get people traveling beyond Earth? Join us and we can make it happen.

Mark Mortimer

Lunar Colony Fund

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Getting the Bucks for Buck Rogers!

Logbook #61


Le chapitre 61

Jean leaped up from his bed and let out a holler that could have been heard on the other side of the Moon. If there had been a way for the sound to carry. He did a little dance a sort of jig as he approached his friends who were sitting around the table.

“Guess what?” he asked with an exuberant and somewhat complicated look beaming out from under his dishevelled hair.

“I would have guessed that you won the lottery” replied Aditya. “But just by being here we’ve already won. So there’s really no point in playing. Besides even if you won a million where would you spend it? There aren’t any car dealerships nearby.” He laughed softly at his own witticism.

“Now if I were to guess” began Zara “I would say that you just finished wrestling with the big croc around the corner. And you actually won this time.” She also laughed. “Somehow though I’m not seeing that as being the real cause. There’re no crocs, no trees, and no swamps here. Actually there’s not much of anything around here. You’ve got me stumped.”

“Yah big fellah” interjected Xu. “There’s precious little to keep us entertained up here. What’s got your kettle all a-steaming?” She was slightly curious and more than a little apprehensive as there had been no news of anything that would affect any of their team. She had worked darn hard at making every day the same as before; safe and secure. She didn’t want anything upending her cart of delicate, essential apples.

“I’m going to be a dad!” he almost yelled as his feet kept shuffling to some unseen and unheard yet all powerful jig.

Four faces stared up at him, each with an incredulous look upon their countenance. Their mouths worked slowly but no sounds came out. They were all amazed. Each had been voluntarily sterilized before ascending to the Moon. Children were not part of their equation.

Xu replied first. “Perhaps you can tell us the story from the beginning” she volunteered.

“Well” began Jean “I met this fabulous girl on-line. I know that’s not the way to meet anyone. But what choice did I have. Anyway we’ve been texting and emailing and video chatting and developing a really close relationship. And one thing led to another and late one night, or at least late during one of her nights we started talking about children. She’s never had one but she loves looking after all her nieces and nephews. And she wanted to do the same for her own. So I said that we should do it. And we did!” he concluded.

“That’s quite a story” pursued Desai. “But how did you actually become a father. You haven’t left this lovely grey orb for quite some time. And we’ve had very few visitors.” he ended.

“Yah” continued Zara “I’m a little confused on that whole reproduction thing. I kind of remember my grade school teacher talking about the birds and the bees. And how you need a mommy and daddy together in order to make children. What’s your trick?” she chuckled.

“Before I came here” replied Jean “I had some of my sperm frozen. Then, well the other day I asked to have some thawed and Betty, that’s here name, it’s Betty, she had herself artificially inseminated with it.”

“Not nearly as much fun as the good ol’ natural way” said Desai. “But hey, if it got the job done, fantastic. And congratulations! Don’t let us willy-nillies get you down. That’s the best news I’ve heard since long before I took the ride up”. He was beaming as widely as Jean.

“No problem” shone Jean. “This news is going to keep a smile on my face forever and ain’t nobody gonna spoil this joy.”

“How will you be a father?” queried Xu. “Don’t you have to be there with the child every now and again?”

“Well we know it won’t be easy” he answered. “But with all the ways of electronic messaging and communicating it’s almost like being there. Besides our child will have the best stories about having the highest dad anywhere. Beat that Wilt Chamberlain.” he ended.

Jean’s feet finally stopped moving but at the same time his four companions rose out of theirs and surrounded Jean in the largest, warmest group hug he’d ever had. He knew there and then that he’d made the best of decisions and that his luck was continuing to hold and give him the most amazing of lives.