Dear Fellow Lunar Enthusiasts,

We at the Lunar Colony Fund believe in a capable off-planet future. We know it will require a large amount of resources. But as we plan to spread the requirement over a long time then there won’t be a noticeable effect. We are also looking at the super wealthy; those 1% of Earth dwellers who have 50% of the world’s wealth. That 1%, about 70 million people, hold the key to unlocking the resources needed to make this infrastructure build-out occur. Join us in convincing them to provide the resources so that our future includes people living off of Earth.

While the SLS first launch was pushed out perhaps by up to two years, there’s still hope in the Google Lunar X prize as it must be awarded this year. From one PSLV opportunity a bountiful of robots may go chewing up the Lunar regolith. Curiously though what are the major space powers planning? Cassini has flown its course and the James Webb telescope is readying for launch. Is there a next great exploration challenge? Oddly, the latest surge seems to use space to look back at Earth. Seems that the commercialism of space keeps the focus on people today rather than the generations to come.

The Lunar Colony Fund has a vision for generations to come. Our vision wants people at the forefront not just robots. Do you want to help get people traveling beyond Earth? Join us and we can make it happen.

Mark Mortimer

Lunar Colony Fund

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