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Could we ever match the collecting power of a government? They are awesome! They can enforce the submission of taxes from both individuals and corporations. All for the common good. Will people on Earth ever agree to their taxes, their tithes being used for off-world development? Even if it meant a better world on Earth? Or, using other words, who’s leading this parade?

Let’s divide purchasing into two paradigms. One paradigm has a purchase being off-the-shelf. For example when buying a home we can purchase from a land developer and select one of their designs. The other paradigm is to singularly define your purchase, i.e. design your unique home. The former usually is less expensive as development costs get spread across all copies of the same design. The later will have every feature, every characteristic you desire. But the cost is significantly greater. While there aren’t any land developers on the Moon, what’s the best way to choose a home?

Have you checked out our new website? At http://www.lunarcolonyfund.org? We’re adding more data about original equipment manufacturers. If you want your product featured and be identified as supporting lunar development then send us a quick note. We want to hear from you!

Mark Mortimer

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