Bulletin #56

Dear Fellow Lunar Enthusiasts,

Capitalism emphasizes the economic value of activities. A consumer usually benefits as they can choose and thus influence industry. Which can lead to products better suited to their liking. In the common marketplace, capitalism may be best. But what of the uncommon marketplace? Such as a rocket flight that costs hundreds of millions of dollars? Is capitalism sufficient for this or is there need of another method to lead industry and build infrastructure?

The Chinese seem to be approaching their space business with open arms. They’ve set their upcoming space station as being for all countries of the United Nations. Will this mean that countries will be choosing between the Gaganyaan, Lunar Gateway or Tiangong? Further, will every country need its own geographical positioning system? Is this the sort of competition needed to drive space commerce? Is there enough investment capital for all?

How do you want the future to unfold? Do you want one with several weak attempts at space colonization? Or do you prefer a few strong pathways? Or even one? Join us and let’s find the optimal.


Mark Mortimer


Lunar Colony Fund

What can you imagine here;


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