Bulletin #60

Cultures distinguish groups and promote nationalism. The accompanying fervour can empower individuals to astounding heights; as we see at every Olympic games. Cultures also tie us to the past. We use it as a string connecting us to generations long gone. Perhaps we also equate our success with that of our culture.

Yet, cultures are notoriously bound to geographical regions. Perhaps it’s due to a near Mesolithic like desire for safety. For example, the dawn of the space age saw two cultures vie for optimal ascension with the winner claiming bragging rights. In this, as with the Olympics, peaceful competition was a practical method.

What then is the best way to achieve goals that require multiple cultures to unite? Is colonizing the Moon of this scale? Will only a gathering of cultures succeed? Or will it be a conglomeration of organizations? Or is the string attaching us to the past too strong? Join us at the Lunar Colony Fund as we advance our optimal approach to ascending.

Mark Mortimer
Lunar Colony Fund

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