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We at the Lunar Colony Fund have registered this non-profit organization to accrue funds so as to emplace and maintain a human presence upon Earth’s Moon. We at the organization provide the focal point for this project. However it is through the assistance of every capable person in the world that this extension of our species will occur. We are looking to you to become a member and to promote our goal; to extend humanity’s presence beyond planet Earth.

To exemplify the life of the new colonists we’ve prepared a fictional Logbook of what it might be like living on the Moon. Enjoy the read.

We also regularly publish a Bulletin that presents ideas on generating funds, that identifies some key news items demonstrating the progress being made, and, that shows the progress in our organization, the Lunar Colony Fund. Members automatically get a subscription.

Our President

Mark Mortimer
Mark Mortimer
Mr. Mortimer is the president and CEO for the Lunar Colony Fund. He is leading this registered non-profit organization to be the focus for those people worldwide who want to support a human capability beyond the cradle of Earth. 

Mr. Mortimer has an extensive career across many fields including government, defence contracting, telecommunications, institutional, environmental agencies and fundraisers. He’s written reviews for space related publications as well as written a book on the attribution of civilization’s progress to the availability of energy. Using this background he is leading this singularly focused organization to resolve the single most challenging aspect of space; the monies needed to enable our reach to the stars.


We at the Lunar Colony Fund have set an audacious goal of reaching every person on Earth and empowering them to make a donation. Certainly there are people who are much more capable than others in supporting this cause. Nevertheless it is paramount that the Fund is considered as available to everyone and for everyone. Hence, we will make donation opportunities equal for all.

To estimate the number of people, the Industry Labour Organization (ILO) estimates a global labour pool of 3 billion people who are working. However of these, they classify about one billion as the working poor. Fairly then, we would be targeting the remaining two billion workers who are potential donors. If one in four of these were to become a member, our goal would be met. This is achievable.


The Lunar Colony Fund will grant membership to those who request, who provide the necessary information and who provide the membership fee. Fees are for a complete year of the Gregorian calendar or part thereof. Renewals must be submitted before January 1 for a member to remain in good standing. The Lunar Colony Fund reserves the right to cancel memberships at any time, without notice.