Yes, this fund is to accrue monies to emplace infrastructure for a lunar colony. All money raised will be used for this effort. Initially, we will be funding just the infrastructure. Eventually, we will fund supply craft much as supply craft maintain the International Space Station. The following estimates the preliminary tranche needed as shown in the project definition.

Building BlockEstimated Cost
Relay Station - Backup$500M (FY2000)
Relay Station - Primary
Expansion Node
Expansion - Ingress / Egress Port
Mobile Robotic Aid


We are keeping strict rule on our finances. Auditing as necessary. Our first year passed smoothly and with a slight surplus in our account. The subsequent years have been good to us but we want even more people to join. And advance our project. Now is the time to use your own resources to advance the future of humanity.

We have a mechanism for funding the basic emplacement defined above. Contact us and discover how.