Raison d’être

People can travel to the Earth’s Moon. We’ve seen it! What’s next? We at the Lunar Colony Fund believe that people need to derive benefit from the Moon’s resources. Or the resources nearby such as the sunshine or bypassing asteroids and comets. The Lunar Colony Fund will enable this travel and subsequent development.  And thus empower a colony to be self-sufficient upon the Earth’s Moon.

We at the Fund envision this emplacement of infrastructure as a project. The project’s goal is to create and emplace infrastructure for a viable human colony.  This infrastructure must enable people to be as close to being self-sufficient as possible. Upon conclusion of the project there will be a core nucleus of people both living and developing resources. At this time the Fund’s mandate will have concluded.

What’s next for our Fund? With the establishment of a colony of people beyond Earth, our Fund has shown a mechanism, a process for extending humanity’s reach. Therefor as a next step our Fund could establish a human presence upon any other body in the solar system. Or even upon a purpose built body.

As our Fund develops and grows so does humanity’s potential develop and grow. Join us and let’s build a future we all can be proud of.