Bulletin #59

Dear Fellow Lunar Enthusiasts,

In medieval Europe the court jester held a very campy role. They made people laugh. While at the same time, they would provide incredible jewels of wisdom. Today, perhaps television comedians hold the same role. If so, space advocates need to pay attention. The comedians, as current jesters, may hold vital clues to ensuring an expanding human future.

If you had a choice today would you put people on the Moon or Mars? Well, you have a choice. Though perhaps there’s desire for both, are there enough resources for both? Some indications show NASA as primarily interested in a Lunar Gateway. Others indicate an interest by them in soon putting people on Mars. Given the nebulous state of the ISSs future, perhaps it’s wiser for all Earth’s nations to focus solely on one.

For us at the Lunar Colony Fund, it’s the Moon. We at the Lunar Colony Fund believe in an expanding role and presence for our species. We see the Moon as the perfect destination with the optimal risk / reward scenario. Join us and let’s make this choice a reality to give to our children.


Mark Mortimer


Lunar Colony Fund

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