Project Budgeting


Infrastructure  Financials

A collection of governments funded the International Space Station (ISS). Estimates set the cost at $150B USD to $200B USD.  Lunar infrastructure may be similar. But the lunar gravity poses benefits and detriments.  Equally decades have passed since the commencement of the ISS. A rough order of magnitude estimate for the cost for the lunar infrastructure today is $500B USD.

See the following table to compare this amount to other infrastructure projects. It’s a bit larger.

OrganizationAmount SourceMethod
OneWeb$1.2BSoftBank Group Corp., Qualcomm, Grupo Salinas, Airbus, Bharti, Coca-Cola, Hughes, Intelsat, MDA, Virgin
North West Shelf Venture$25BWoodside Petroleum; BHP Billiton; BP plc; Chevron Corporation; Royal Dutch Shell plc, Japan Australia LNG (MIMI) Pty Ltd., North West Shelf Gas Pty Ltd
Millau Viaduct€ 394MEiffage Group, European Investment Bank (€50M loan)PPP
Ichthys$34BIndex in partnership with Total, Tokyo Gas, Osaka Gas, Chubu Electric Power, Toho Gas, Kansai Electric Power and CPC
100 new airports in IndiaRs 4 lakh crore ($77B)Mostly the private sector.Notice

See the following table to consider sources.

Ontario Teacher's Pension Plan$ 180B
Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (state owned)$ 3.62T
European Investment Bank € 2.8B
The Giving Pledge$ 365B

So we need to talk with the money lenders. When? Where?

  • World Economic Forum, Davos
  • G7, La Malbaie for 2018
  • Fortune Global Forum
  • Japan Overseas Infrastructure Investment (JOIN)

If you attend then mention us. We’re an investment with a limitless return.

Is the scale of our enterprise realistic? Let’s see.

Infrastructure Demands

Ask WhoInfrastructure
$25BThailandrail, roads, air, ports
$10BPhilippinesbridges, roads, subway
$35BCanada Infrastructure Banktransport, green infrastructure
$200BUSA federal budget 2018incentives, transformative projects, rural block