Every project gets defined by requirements which get satisfied by the contractor’s deliverables. Our colonists need infrastructure both to live and to develop the local resources.  Let’s define the requirements for these.

Our Destination

We aim to have a self-sufficient colony on the Earth’s Moon. We will get there building block by building block. Contractors will employ current and future launch technology to deliver the blocks so we will not consider it. As well we use existing technology for the blocks whenever possible to minimize cost. These are reasonable expectations as we’ve already transported people to the Moon and we’ve already built a habitation in low earth orbit.

To consider the requirements for the possible building blocks, take a look out our current design.

Building BlockEstimated Cost
Relay Station - Backup$500M (FY2000)
Relay Station - Primary
Expansion Node
Expansion - Ingress / Egress Port
Mobile Robotic Aid

To get an idea of how the colonists may live, read our Logbook that describes a possible outcome.