The Lunar Colony Fund has a mission. Our goal is to emplace a self-sufficient viable human population on Earth’s Moon. This viability must transcend genetic errors, wanton carelessness and asteroid strikes. We believe that to do so we will have to have in place about 5000 people living in a number of disparate locations on the Moon’s surface. Recall the the Moon has the surface area equal to about the land area of North and South America combined. That’s lots of room. And, we expect there’s a good quantity of resources that will be available which will aid a fully self-sufficient existence. Ours is a grand mission and with your help, we can achieve it.

We’ve reviewed the literature and assessed the state of current technology and funding. We know that we will have to use multiple deliveries to achieve our mission. This is why we are building our lunar colony one delivery or one block at a time. This accommodates the mass-limited Earth-launch capability. It also enables technology refinement during our programme’s lifetime. Further, a building block approach allows us to spread our infrastructure investment across a longer timeline thus reducing the need to raise a huge amount immediately. This approach gives us the greatest chance of success.

To establish a viable human habitation, we must emplace adequate infrastructure, add supplies and then add people. We will continue adding supplies and cycling people until the colony is self-sufficient. At that time, deliveries will consist of luxuries and tourists. The following table present a postulation of additions.

LCF ProjectLunar Indeterminate PopulationDate AchievedPower Generation (kW)
ROI Demonstrated202030180
Firm Up502035330