Bulletin #58

Dear Fellow Lunar Enthusiasts,

Is a trillion dollars too much money? For the the future? Business always invest in the future. If they choose well then they and their shareholders do well. If not then they go bankrupt and the shareholders loose money. If our species invests in the future and we choose well then we continue better than before. Think of the Montreal Protocol. If we choose poorly then do we go bankrupt? Think of climate change. How much is too much to invest in the future? Dare we imagine investing in people living off of Earth?

Imagine a wall that’s 3 metres tall. The two of you could work together and one of you could get over the wall. If neither of you work together then neither of you goes over the wall. Is there a wall that’s keeping people from investing in the Moon? How many are trying to get over the wall? Are they acting together or on their own. Which will last longer, the wall or people’s desire?

We at the Lunar Colony Fund believe in a solid future for our species. This future leaves a very capable home planet while enabling people to venture off planet to the benefit for all. Gene Roddenberry was on to something by encouraging us to “go boldly”.  Join us, let’s have a future that we’re proud to give to our children.


Mark Mortimer


Lunar Colony Fund

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