Logbook #22


Le chapitre 22

Xu was finishing up her morning stretch routine. Moving slowly and smoothly from Cobra to Plank, she could feel her muscles and even her spirit ready for the days task. She had spent the night with Jean and he was still abed, softly rhythmically breathing; probably deep in some dream. The warmth of her smile came from both her face and her mantra drawing from recent memories with him. She turned and headed into the Hab’s work area still feeling good all over.

Tomorrow, they were receiving their next resupply shipment. Already the vessel was in orbit around the Moon. While they had very little involvement in the actually flight and landing, she wanted to confirm all the details, especially the position of the landing ellipse. The supply vessel should land on the crater rim near to them but not so near as to potentially cause any problem to their existing structures. The resupply vessel’s design was simple and succinct. In effect, the vessel was mostly a central brace with packages connected along it. Combined, they interlocked and made a mutually supportive structure. Once on the surface, the connections were designed for easy opening by Woof and the packages were all within Woof’s carrying parameter. Of course they held a large amount of water or actually ice. But other packages had fresh food, chemical supplies and compressed air. “Everything a growing colony needs” she thought. Eventually, they would also move the brace and landing structure to the Hab so as to keep the landing ellipse clear. She wondered if Jean’s creative genius could find some useful purpose for the brace and the empty containers. Presently, they were to fill the containers with their rubbish in the hopes that it would have some value in the future. They would need to make use of everything if they wanted to achieve self-sufficiency.

The display in front of her showed the estimated landing ellipse exactly where they wanted and the countdown to landing was at 3 hours. They had nothing to do now but wait and hope. Given their tenuous toehold on the Moon, almost any failure would see them going to the life boat and heading back to Earth. She did not consider this option and always excised any such thoughts when she woke in the morning. With the 3 hours remaining, she went to have breakfast and to look through the communique’s that had piled up overnight.