Bulletin #57

Dear Fellow Lunar Enthusiasts,

If one believed in plans and predictions then we’re almost there. If you don’t then we’re still stuck in the morass of desire without substance. Lately, seems every nation with space capability has the Moon in their target. Major players are vouchsafing the return of humans. But traveling to the Moon is expensive. Are constituents ready to foot the bill? How do you believe they will vote and express their preference when the time comes?

NASA, the traditional space leader, wants a sustained human return to the moon. CNSA is aiming for the ‘dark’ side of the Moon and both lunar poles. Roscomos and ESA bespoke a lunar village. ISRO equally wants to take part. These account for most of humanity as well as for most of the global GDP. The desire seems there. But is there enough momentum to a gateway to the stars?

We at the Lunar Colony Fund agree that a future in space is essential for the survival of people on Earth. Yes, it will be expensive. And yes, it will be costly for many, many years. However, it is the only direction for expansion. Join us and let’s make it happen.


Mark Mortimer


Lunar Colony Fund

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