Bulletin #55

Dear Fellow Lunar Enthusiasts,

Have you ever wondered what its like being so rich that you can have everything? Well almost anything. Seems accumulating even the largest amount of money of anyone in the world is not enough to let humankind take the next step. Sure it’s a lot; over a hundred billion dollars. But the International Space Station cost more than that. And many, many countries contributed to it. So being singularly rich isn’t enough to get humans living off-world.

Yet we are making progress. Mostly the progress comes from governments spending on research. Research that benefits everyone on Earth. And enables us to travel in space. And industry contributes. Designing and building optimal constructs are their fort├ęs. And this only comes about from you. Yes, your support ensures that politicians continue to fund this progress. With the expectation that the progress makes for a better world for our children.

There are also ways for you to contribute even if your aren’t overly wealthy. You can join our organization, the Lunar Colony Fund. We are non-partisan, non-profit and fully focused on having people live on the surface of the Earth’s Moon. They were there before. Join us and let’s ensure it happens again.


Mark Mortimer


Lunar Colony Fund

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AS14-68-9399 NASA
AS14-68-9399 NASA

Getting the bucks for Buck Rogers!