Bulletin #61

Do you own any stocks? These remarkable items enable you to participate in a corporation’s endeavours. Doing so wisely should see your investment increase in value at a greater rate than with putting money in a savings account or hiding cash under your mattress. Equally, doing so enables the global business to thrive as corporations build products for use anywhere. And this is the milieu in which we raise funds for grand causes; a cause such as building a lunar colony. Now dare you invest in stocks that foreshadow a lunar colony?

Apparently the Chinese have been busy investing in a lunar economy. Many kudos to them and the success of their Chang’e 4 lander now safely operating on the far side of the Moon. Not only are they exploring a region unknown to the human eye, they are doing so in slowly progressive stages that could end with people returning to the Moon’s surface. This is wonderful progress.

We at the Lunar Colony Fund are progressing also. We’re reaching out to like minded individuals and corporations to encourage them to see a future with humans living off of Earth. Join us and we can see this happen, slowly, progressively, successfully.

Mark Mortimer
Lunar Colony Fund

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